Global Xchange is thrilled to announce its first reciprocal trade with a new trading partner, Biz X, based in Seattle, Washington. “We used our affiliation with IRTA, the International Reciprocal Trade Association, and Universal Currency to connect with Biz X,” said Chris Brown, Global Xchange Owner and President. “Now, if we have a member who needs something or knows someone on the West Coast who does, we can help them. If they need a product or service in the Pacific Northwest down to California or are looking to take a vacation (anywhere in the region including Pacific Canada) we can show them how to minimize cash outlays while doing so.  It’s just another spending channel for our business owners who want to cut expenses.” Do YOU need something, but do not really want to use your precious cash to pay for it? If so, call us today at 407.598.0505 to learn how YOU can save 50-70% on purchases of all kinds by Joining Our New Economy!