Global Xchange, the Orlando-based complementary monetary system founded on the sound principles of B2B bartering, has experienced record growth as the company moves through Q2 2016. Now averaging nearly twenty new business member additions each month, and accelerating, the company’s strategy of only earning monies from savings generated for its members is paying off. “Simply put, we did it the hard way,” said Chris Brown, the company’s Founder and President. He went on to say, “When we began the business five years ago, we thought the macroeconomics of our volatile economy would sweep us to success as cash-flow for the average business came under increasing pressure. We knew the barter model was sound and a great solution as a complementary way to perform commerce that just could no longer come together in the weakening/shrinking cash economy. What we didn’t expect was the large number of business owners in the region who had been burned by trading somehow in the past. Either their acquired trade dollars were impossible to spend or they were completely devalued when they could spend them. Right then, we made a non-negotiable commitment to drive two things…trade liquidity (even if it meant inserting our personal cash to get deals done for our members) and ensuring dollar-for-dollar trading value. We became, and still are, absolutely obsessed with ensuring our Global Xchange Dollars are easy to spend.”

“Unlike many companies in the bartering world, Global Xchange never ‘buys’ members by giving away large blocks of trade currency in return for smaller cash enrollment fees. Simply put, we want to earn our money by helping our partners-in-success make more of it. If we help save someone $100, they are happy to pay us a small percentage of it…it’s a good business model. In addition, we don’t abuse the economy as owners by spending our own trade dollars unless we have earned them ourselves. This protects the value of the currency each of our members have worked hard to acquire. I tell you, it would have been a lot easier to take the shortcut and basically ‘bribe‘ businesses to come on board…but we (and our members) would have paid dearly for it in the long run. I am glad we did it the right way…for numerous reasons. We are not where we want to be yet, but the word is getting out…’Hey, if you want to barter to cut expenses by 50-70% in a lot of areas, Global X is the real deal.’ ”

To learn more about Global Xchange, visit or call Global X Headquarters at 407.598.0505. Global Xchange – The Next Generation of Barter