Global Xchange, The Next Generation of Barter, celebrated its five year anniversary on August 1st, 2016. This milestone caps five years of building a complementary economy based on the sound financial system of trading and bartering. “Although there are certain industry sectors that remain vibrant, many others are hurting since the downturn in the Florida economy in 2008,” said Chris Brown, President and Owner. “I am in small businesses and speaking with business owners every day. Most are working more, vacationing less and diversifying their income streams among multiple sources like never before. It’s gratifying to help them return to a lifestyle they once enjoyed by teaching them about strategic bartering. It has been exceedingly difficult creating a new, viable currency from scratch (The Global Xchange Dollar). Now, it’s getting exciting. We look forward to getting involved in much larger corporate and real estate transactions as the Global X community continues to build. For years, we spoke of it happening…now it is and people are excited about “joining our new economy.”