Why Choose Us

Not all barter companies and their business practices are equal. Global Xchange is one of the fastest growing trade and barter companies on the East Coast and a Member of IRTA, the International Reciprocal Trading Association and governing body for integrity and best practices in the industry.

The Company is committed to total client satisfaction by providing the Four R’s of exceptional service: Results, Relationships, Responsiveness and Reporting.

If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay… period.

Our Commitment to Trading Excellence

Global Xchange is not your average trade and barter company.

  • Many of our products and services have rarely been available on trade before!
  • Our people include an unprecedented combination of seasoned trade and barter experts and creative business consultants from other industries that bring a fresh perspective, approach and dynamic service-focus to your trade and barter activity.
  • Our Protection for You: Global Xchange is committed to protecting its members by making a personal commitment to always:
  • Put your company’s best interest above our own.
  • Remove members who act with impropriety.
  • Act with the highest levels of honesty and integrity.
  • Avoid devaluing your Global X currency through inflation or mismanagement.
  • Ensure your business never takes on more trade than it can spend within a reasonable timeline.
  • Resolve issues with fairness and with our long-term relationship in mind.
  • Provide you trade business you want and only when you want it!


Our Vision:

  • Provide unquestioned value
  • Build a global brand that provides our members with unprecedented trade and barter opportunities

Our Mission:

  • To be your trusted trade and barter advisory partner in success


Our Strengths:

  • Identifying, coordinating and helping you capitalize on trade and barter opportunities that lower hard expenses and grow your customer base
  • Helping you improve cash flow with zero risk
  • Assisting you in moving difficult-to-move, idle inventory
  • Helping you improve collections and reduce bad debt


Our Personal Commitment To You:

  • To be professional, ethical and long-term relationship-focused
  • To treat all of your information as personal and confidential
  • To deal quickly and sympathetically with you when situations arise
  • To adopt and practice a non-discrimination policy
  • To avoid devaluing your Global X Dollars with currency mismanagement or impropriety
  • To act fairly and reasonably in all our dealings with you