Global X brings you new business. – Global Xchange brings you business over and above your existing cash customers when YOU want it, without you having to invest in expensive marketing or outside sales teams. Our customers will drive past your competitors just because you are a part of the Global X Community.

Global X raises your business exposure. – Our sales representatives are in businesses and are talking to business decision-makers EVERY day. Global X allows you to expand your sales force without incurring any additional overhead. If we don’t deliver business to you, you don’t pay….guaranteed.

Global X cuts your cash expenses. – Global Xchange cuts your expenses by allowing you to acquire goods and services of respected companies without having to spend your valuable cash. Many businesses can cut their expenses by as much as 30% annually with all of that profit dropping immediately to the bottom line.

Global X helps you move excess inventory or capacity. – What good is a product or service opportunity that you can’t sell? The answer is ZERO. Global X specializes in helping companies and individuals move products and services they are having difficulty selling for cash without severely discounting their value.

Global X helps you reduce bad debt and improves collections. – Do you have past clients that still owe you money? Let Global X work with your customer to acquire an idle asset they have, but no longer need or want. We can then translate that item into useable Global Xchange Dollars of equal value to you. Problem solved.