What Others Are Saying About Global Xchange
  • Wolf Adler, Co-Founder – Koneco Building Services
    Testimonial ContributorTrading with Global Xchange has been great. They call us with jobs, and we just take the ones we want when we can do them. It keeps our guys busy, and the incentives that we can now earn allow us to show our appreciation for our employees, all while still keeping the cash in our business.
  • Ken Stellon, Managing Partner - Frontline Performance Group
    Testimonial ContributorI had the opportunity to work with Global Xchange Owner, Chris Brown, for over a decade. He is results-driven, hardworking and a trustworthy leader. I am very pleased with the program Global Xchange customized for our growing business. The team at Global X provided us with great insights on how we could capitalize on trade and barter opportunities. The service they provide makes sense and is extremely easy to use. We look forward to working with Chris and his team on many more programs.
  • Janet Bronte, Owner - On Track Marketing
    Testimonial ContributorGlobal Xchange Trade and Barter has been great for me. It has allowed me to purchase both needs and wants without cash, and has introduced me to some other wonderful business owners.
  • Tony Schissel, Co-Owner - Lake Mary and Top Dog Carwash
    Testimonial ContributorI have known the owners of Global Xchange for ten years. They are solid as a rock and always do exactly what they say they are going to do.
  • Victor King, Owner - Ergo Resources Furniture
    Testimonial ContributorI have to tell you, when we signed up with Global last year, I really was not sure how it was all going to work out, but I can sure see the benefit now. Not only does Global Xchange market you to local businesses, but to ones all across the region. My last project actually came from an Ocala buyer that probably drove past 40 furniture stores to find my location…what a marketing tool! The guys are also great to work with…very friendly and understanding of the time and other pressures business owners are under.
  • Sandy Hutnick, Owner – 180 Medspa
    Testimonial ContributorMy previous experience with trade and barter wasn't a good one. It had totally turned me off of the concept, until I spoke to the Global Xchange team. The big difference in working with Global X is that they focus most of their energies on helping you SPEND trade dollars you acquire. I have never had a large balance of idle trade currency in my account. I have had cars detailed for my team as well as projects done for both my business and home which has saved me a lot of cash. If you have had a bad barter experience, you should give Global Xchange an opportunity to show you what they can do.
  • Nick Dunleavy, Former General Manager - Rio Pinar Country Club
    Testimonial ContributorGlobal Xchange helped us save $5000 on just one transaction! Our golf membership has wanted us to refurbish this historic course and clubhouse for years, and we just didn’t have all the cash necessary in this slower economy to get all of the jobs done. When Global came to us and said they could help us acquire things we need just by filling up some empty tee times, I said, where do I sign? We look forward to seeing what new items are coming through the pipeline.
  • Kevin McLaughlin, Owner - Total Image Signs and Graphics
    Testimonial ContributorI almost quit after an experience I had over Christmas. I was really frustrated and angry with another member and Global X because they had introduced us. But I found out it is in challenging situations that you learn who the really good business people are. It is one thing for a company to help in a tough situation when it serves them. It is a different thing altogether for a company to help you even when it's to their detriment. Global X is in that category. They went above and beyond what another company would have done to rectify the situation to ensure I was happy.
  • Andy Schiavone, General Manager – Ramada Gateway Hotel
    Testimonial ContributorWhen I approached our ownership team about the potential benefits of trading, they thought I should sign up with Global immediately. They saw the cost-cutting value instantly and knew paying for items we needed with empty hotel rooms was a no-brainer. This has been a very good partnership for us and we look forward to more and greater cash-saving deals as Global continues to grow.
  • Greg Griffith, Owner - Griffith Photography
    Testimonial ContributorGlobal Xchange has been a God-send for our business. I have always valued outside marketing, and I do a lot of it myself. The great thing about Global Xchange is they are marketing me on their dime while I am busy performing other tasks in my business. If they do not bring me any business, I don't pay. In every other marketing campaign, I had to fund it or put time into it first then pray that some type of return on investment came. Global is the exact opposite…you get the business FIRST and THEN you pay. Sure, they have sent me trade customers, but they have also sent me 100% cash jobs and didn’t even ask for a commission. Who does that today? Great people, great value.
  • Diana Cherveny, General Manager – Fantasy World Resort and Fantasy Surf
    Testimonial ContributorGlobal Xchange was introduced to us last year from a good friend I have in the Skal organization and right out of the gate, they saved us $5000 on a fence. We paid for it by selling Global X some of our FUTURE empty condo rental space. The work done by Smith Fence was high quality. Another good thing about our relationship is that Global doesn’t pressure us to take guests when they know we are at high occupancy with cash-paying customers. We get the business when we need it, not when we don't. This is why we invited Chris and his team to present at our annual convention that represented our other 35 properties.
  • Gary Tolla, Owner - Tolla’s Italian Restaurant
    Testimonial ContributorI have traded for years, and have worked with many companies around Florida. Even though I haven’t always been able to get everything I want from Global X, the team is always attentive and always puts my needs first. More importantly, for the small amount of money I have had to put out to work with Global, my return has been a home run! I also love the fact that large groups they have sent my way have come on my slow nights, so the trade was a windfall. Chris and Max…keep 'em coming!
  • Rob Kowal, Owner – Liberty Locksmith
    Testimonial ContributorGlobal Xchange isn’t perfect. Trading and bartering isn’t perfect, but it sure beats paying cash for everything in this economy, especially when you have an ethical, professional team like Global X, who is always looking out for opportunities to save you money.