The Global Xchange, The Next Generation of Barter, has just completed a major enhancement to its website.  Historically, Global X has relied on a back-end software platform to support its marketplace functions. The Global X Marketplace is where members come together to post items of value they have for sale on trade that might be outside of their normal business product or service, like a nice lamp that has been sitting in their garage gathering dust or an unused week at a vacation home.

The old platform was difficult to navigate and update. Over time, Global X Concierges just discontinued its use. However, now that has all changed…for the better! Members and prospects who desire to become members can now view these items by simply clicking on the Community tab up above, and then clicking on the Marketplace where these items reside. We are just now beginning to load items onto the internal platform, but are excited about being to easily post and promote them for you. Our members have already began offering everything from 5-Star vacations in Vail and Barbados to lightly used children’s toys that we know will be hot sellers this Christmas. See something you like or have something to post? Just call our office at 407.598.0505 Ext 3 and one of our trading concierges will be happy to help.

In addition, members will no longer have to visit the separate website to log into their TGX Bank Account. You can simply enter your  login and password right through the Community page just under the four primary buttons. Here you can access our Member List, post trades or view your account balance.

This is another big step towards building an economy and an easy shopping experience that works, and we look forward to serving you with it.