Experienced Licensed Massage Therapist, Restorative Massage combines techniques like Swedish, neuromuscular & deep tissue massage, myofacial release, Cranial Sacral & muscle energy therapy, active facilitated stretching & manual lymphatic drainage to restore the body’s balance & harmony. Muscles are controlled by body chemicals, nutrients & the nervous system. Facilitating change in the tissue not how hard you press, relieves pain & problems. I evaluate standing & reclining body posture & muscle tensions, head tilt, position of the shoulders, hips & feet, and the curves of the spine. Treatment for neck or jaw pain starts with cranial therapy & massage to the head, face, neck & shoulders. If the lymph is congested, I proceed with manual lymphatic drainage. I quickly release any trigger points with ice & stretching. And, if the fascia tissue is contracted, myofacial release is most applicable. After resolving these issues, I use lotion, liniment or essential oil combined with massage to complete the treatments. I move to the next problem areas, until the body becomes more balanced, less reactive & less painful. My goal is to eliminate pain & restore health to the tissues. Massage restores feelings of health & harmony.

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